Fireworks sparkled over a football field in Philippines in the night sky but nobody heard one growth. Because the fireworks display was, in-fact, a swarm of 500 DIRECTED that is -lit drones looking to break a world file.

The pyrotechnics- exhibit was element of Intel Firmis phony -fireworks program. Having a 500- drone navy, Intel smashed a unique Guinness World-Record for the many aerial vehicles (UAVs) airborne simultaneously. The record was set by the organization in 2015. In 2013, Intel technicians developed 500 drones to perform a fireworks-style routine. [Gallery of Miracles: The Weirdest World Records]

The business specifically made its “Shooting Star” — a tiny quadcopter drone outfitted with an LED light — to hold extraordinary lighting shows. Made-of foam and plastic, only 0.5 lbs are weighed by these drones that are tiny. The LED lamps are capable of making more than 4 billion combinations that are color, accordingto the fact-sheet on the drone of Intel. The organization also promises that the cartoon and software program permits people to make a show that is light in the place of months or weeks, in a of nights.

For that world record test, Intel set the drones to make a fireworks – like display. In the end, the drones flew in formation to create the amount then and 500 the Intel brand.

The Shooting Stars may shift together like a drone fleet, handled by one pilot using a notebook.

“These drones can fly being a fleet,” Daniel Gurdan, Intelis engineering guide, mentioned in a declaration. “This is the firsttime previously we are able to present it operates so nicely with a lot of drones!”